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Terms & Conditions

1. Buyers are responsible for ensuring the correct fitment of any item bought. No refunds will be given for parts that were bought in error.


2. Items will only be refunded after the item has been returned to us. Return cost must be covered by the buyer. Returned items will be checked for our markings to ensure they were supplied by us. If returned items are found not to have been supplied by us, no refund will be given.


3. Items are not considered lost until fifteen (15) working days have passed. We are unable to offer a refund until after this time.


4. Faulty and damaged items must be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt, or no refund will be given.

5. All electronic components are tested before dispatch. No refunds will be given if returning electronics due to external fault could cause the unit to fail.


6. All engines purchased must be fitted with a new timing belt/cam belt/chain and filled with new oil upon installation. All gearboxes and differentials must be filled with new oil upon installation. Failure to to do this procedure will result in the guarantee/warranty being void.​​​​​​​


7. We are selling only bare engines (unless otherwise stated). This means head, block and sump. It does not mean that engine comes with ancillaries as these may be sold separately. Any ancillaries left on the engine e.g water pump, cam belt (We always recommend the fitting of a new cam belt) are given free of charge and are not covered by this guarantee.


8. Guarantee is void if any part supplied has been tampered with in any way i.e seal broken, taken apart etc. Please note all parts supplied are marked with our company stamp/initials, removal of these marks will invalidate your guarantee/warranty.​​​​​​​


9. We do not provide a "can I buy it and see if it cures the fault I have" service. All parts are tested,  you buy it you own it.

10. International customers to cover import VAT and / or duty payments to customs in their countries. 


Thank You for Attention!

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